Come join us at Borah High School for a Music Week Tradition. This year’s program will be a celebration of our return after two years of lock down. So let it be known:

We’re Still Dancin’!!

Mexican Folklorico

The Boise Traditional Chinese Dance Group was started in 2004 as a cultural enrichment after-school program for the Boise Modern Chinese School. The program has grown from one dance class to multiple classes and this wonderful performance group. The mission of the group is to serve the Chinese American community by maintaining its cultural heritage and to introduce Chinese culture to American society through dance performances.

Mladi Behar the Bosnian and Herzegovinian Cultural Center of Idaho was formed in 2000. Mladi Behar (Young Blossom) signifies a new beginning in a new country. They are a volunteer driven non-profit organization. Founded by Irvas Husiç for local Bosnian teenagers. We use traditional dance to transcend cultural barriers and a means of sharing and preserving Bosnian tradition for future generations. They debuted in Boise on March 8th, 2001.

idonia & Raks Al Dunia & The Beli Danse Academie is a sisterhood of performers. Their blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dance translates the traditional into a modern tribal experience Formed by Sidonia Om Dunia, she has created a classic style with a contemporary twist.

Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo is a traditional Mexican folk dance group that perform Mexican fold dances using authentic dress, music and choreography. They were established in 2003 and celebrated 19 years as a dance company in March 2022.

Killarney Irish Dancers Company has been in the Boise Valley for 13 years with their instructor dancing in the area for the past 26 years. These dancers perform traditional and non-traditional Irish dancing. Some of the dances date back 400 years. Their costumes are handmade in Ireland. Each year they perform a 3-day marathon around St. Patrick’s Day which usually consists of 20 to 25 performances.

Idaho Lao Traditional Dance Team has been together since 2017. We have performed regularly at our Lao New Years celebration in April. It is tradition to perform for Lao New Year festivities at our Lao-Buddhist Temple, Wat Idahophoxaiyaraam in Nampa. They will be performing two traditional dances for Boise Music Week Dance Night, one slower and one a bit faster.

Susie’s Tap & Jazz Etc. was established in 1978 in Norther Idaho. They are now located in Boise. They strive to keep dance lessons affordable. All their classes have an emphasis on the concept that Dance is Fun and is for all ages! They are excited to be performing in Boise Music Week’s Dance Night again.

Starbelly School of Dance is family friendly, inclusive, empathetic dance school that is for everyBODY. We are a one stop shop for anyone interested in belly dance, all ages and levels, tailored costumes, professional mentorship, performance opportunities, emotional and spiritual growth through dance. The teacher is a talented instructor and artist with three decades of experience in raqs sharki and has built the foundation of large-scale belly dance education in Idaho.

Flamenco Idaho has been in Boise since 2018. We focus on sharing performance and educational opportunities with the community regarding this cultural art form. They offer classes, workshops and Flamenco experiences. They will be performing some musical forms that are traditional including regional folk dances.

Boise Music Week Dance Night Dancers are four talented tap dancers from Backstage Dancer Center who will lead you through this evening of dance. They were formed in January 2022.


Jo McCosh


Borah High School Auditorium
6001 Cassia St, Boise, ID 83705


Friday – May 6, 2022


Borah’s auditorium is a separate building on the west end of the Borah High’s campus behind the tennis courts. The main entrance is on the north side of the building facing the tennis courts.  Parking is available in front of Borah High and between the main campus and the auditorium.