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Flamenco Idaho
Tangos Del Titi

Susie’s Tap, Jazz, Etc.
I Can’t Help Myself
Fly Me to the Moon
Mr. Blue Sky
Uptown Funk

Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo
La Negra
El Jarabe Tapatio

Starbelly School of Dance
Garoon Garoon
Inta Omri

Flamenco Dancer

Flamenco: an art form based on music traditions of southern Spain.

Flamenco Idaho is a company focused on sharing performance and educational opportunities with the community regarding this cultural art form. We offer classes, workshops and Flamenco experiences. Our professional company, Cuadro Nuevo is available for your events. With years of experience performing, our group can provide a rich experience at your next event. Cuadro Nuevo includes members: Esteban Anastasio, Kelli Brown, Grant
Green, Liz Tanner and Kirsten Turner.

Susie Tap

Susie’s Tap, Jazz, Etc. was established in 1978 in northern Idaho. Susie Depew has been teaching dance in the Boise are since 2010. Some of the members of this group have been together for many years. Our belief is “dance is fun”. We are very happy to be a part of IDN again! We would like to dedicate this performance to Natalie Rundquist, who is still tap dancing from above and watching over us.

Mexican Folklorico

Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo is a community-based dance company from downtown Nampa, Idaho led by Monique Michel. They were established in 2003. They perform traditional Mexican folk dances utilizing authentic costumes, music and choreography.

Star Belly Dancer

Starbelly School of Dance, under the artistic direction of Cecilia Rinn, trains both professional and student belly dance artists here in the Boise, Idaho area for over 20 years. Specializing in Traditional, Modern Raqs Sharqi Belly Dance, they are available to entertain at your family-friendly celebrations. Starbelly’s passion is to perform exquisite belly dance and share with our community this truly inspirational art. A fun note, Cecilia Rinn designs and creates all the costumes, including hand dying all the silk veils.