Welcome to State Fair the 2023 Musical for Boise Music Week.

This is my first year as Production Chairman and it’s a work of love. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

My first music week was in the Boise Elementary Honor Chorus singing “Lucky Little Cricket;” Since then I have been involved in many aspects of Music Week, most recently conducting the orchestra for the musical. My first piano lesson was when I was eight, and then clarinet lessons and percussion lessons. My mom drove me to them all, and my dad made sure her car got me to them all. Music is my passion and my life, and musicals take the forefront of my interests. Please support music and get children involved. Music will develop a young child’s brain and help them with their school work. I don’t know where I would be without it.
Thanks to all my friends and family for being there!

Kelley Smith

Production Chairperson, Orchestra Director

Jonelle Darrow
Robert Hamilton
Luke Koenig
Jessica McClellan
Arlene Oyer
Petra Schwarthoff
Diane Shelton

April Demshar
Richelle Greene
Melissa Nash
Bailey Wilson
Oliver King

Dave Wynkoop
Aslen Whitmore

Stephanie Kubert

John Baldwin
Dominic DJ Conte
Bill Kennedy

Christina Yarnot
Taylor King
Drew Flory
Amanda Flory

Tammy Fritz
Kyla Mooso
Ted Stearns

Robin Baker
Justin Granados

Lee Roby
Sam Quatrone

Ray James

Tawna Love

Louise van der Eijk