Wendy Koeppl

Director, Set Design

Wendy is happy to be directing another Music Week production…previous productions include Beauty and the Beast, Hello Dolly, and Mary Poppins. Her adopted theater home has been at Boise Little Theater for the past 25 years, most recently directing White Christmas. Wendy is a lifetime member of the Thesbian Club….not a real “club” per se, it’s just that she has been involved in community theater for as long as she can remember. Her parents were part of Waukesha Civic Theater in Wisconsin, and so that is where her theater journey began. It is also where she met many of her life-long friends, including Mr. Tom Briggs, author of the musical, “State Fair.”

“I am honored, excited, and in awe….Honored to direct Tom’s musical; Excited to see it come to life; and in Awe of the very talented cast, crew, and directors who are giving their time, energy, and talent to this wonderful story! I thank my peeps, Jay, Gary, Joanna, Kay, JeNeale, and John for always joining me in my shenanigans; my old and new friends in this show for sharing in the fun; and my family for always supporting my crazy, wildly time-consuming theatrical endeavors! It’s a grand night for singing! Enjoy!”

Annie McKinney
Asst Director, Costumes

Annie is having a blast taking on new roles for Boise Music Week this year as Assistant Director and Costumer. She has most recently played Granny/Cinderella’s Mom/Giant in Into the Woods as well as Miss Flannery in Millie and ensemble in Mary Poppins for BMW. She’s been seen as Alice Beineke in Addams Family the musical as well as ensemble in Once upon a Mattress and Heathers at BLT and one of the Six Merry Murderesses in Chicago at Spotlight Theatre. She recently has also been taking on the costuming roles in the community with White Christmas (BLT), Music Man (Huckleberry Star), Puffs (BLT), and Heathers (BLT). She is most proud of her role as the theatre teacher at Meridian High School for the last 10 years and is inspired by her students to get out there and do theatre. Special thank you to her friends and family for supporting her love and passion for the theatre. Thank you, Elizabeth, for helping pull costumes, and thank you to her mom for always helping hug or iron or feed her when she needs it. Extra special thank you to her husband Stephen for keeping her laughing even when the candle is burning from both ends.

Kay Mack

Kay Mack has been dancing and involved in performing arts for a really, really long time! She is currently in her 43rd year of teaching dance for Boise Parks and Recreation and ‘State Fair’ is the ninth show she has choreographed for Boise Music week. “This show has been so fun because the cast gave it their all – I have been extremely impressed! The amount of time, energy, and talent that has been dedicated to this show by everyone involved is awe inspiring! I hope you enjoy the show and all the effort it has taken to present it to you!” ENJOY!

JeNeale Hill
Musical Director

Kelley Smith
Production Chairperson, Orchestra Director

Katey Schwind Williams
Asst Musical Director

Katie Shuter Rompala
Asst Choreographer

Dianna McAllister
Stage Manager

State Fair will mark Dianna’s 13th performance with Boise Music Week. In her time, she has done everything from stage crew to sword dancing. Dianna thanks her husband Chaz for his amazing support and time watching their very active eleven-year-old Robbie and seven-year-old Scott! Also, special thanks to the Morrison Center crew for their hard work and dedication to making our show a success year after year. You may be in black, but I certainly see you.

Jay Parker
Asst Stage Manager

Gary Miller

Joanna Marshall
Props Assistant

Elizabeth Greeley
Costume Crew

John Myers
Technical Advisor, Light Design

Meridian High School Costume Class
Costume Crew

Barb Oldenburg
Costume Crew, Ensemble/Chorus

Erica Deshnier-Cornwall

Theatre Ave

Brian Gardner
Set Construction

David Grigg
Construction Crew

Tom Rosenthal
Construction Crew

Juliet Hansen
Set Painter

Katy Knight
Set Painter